FTLDA Scientific Conference Schedule


Friday, March 10, 2017


7:00 PM
Reception Colonnade C Room, OMNI Colonnade Hotel

8:00 PM
Dinner Colonnade C Room, OMNI Colonnade Hotel
Introductory Remarks & Welcome
Paul Schulz M.D.: Short outline of conference
Lee Roy Jordan former NFL Player: “Personal thoughts on CTE”
Secretary Henry Cisneros: Welcome


Saturday, March 11, 2017


7:15 AM
Shuttle from hotel to UTHSA
Registration – Academic Learning & Teaching Center
Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM
Welcome and Introductions
Conference Moderator: Paul Schulz, MD

8:10 AM
“The Discovery of CTE”
Keynote Speaker: Bennet Omalu, MD, MBA, MPH, CPE,


Module 1: Clinical

Moderator: Summer Ott, PysD

9:15 AM
“Clinical Observations Regarding CTE and FTD”
Paul Schulz, MD

9:30 AM
“CTE in Professional Football”
Gary Solomon, PhD

10:10 AM
Panel Discussion

10:30 AM


Module 2: Neuropathology

Moderator: Jennifer Potter PhD, MPH

10:45 AM
“The Neuropathology of CTE”
Bertrand Russ Huber, MD, PhD

11:15 AM
“The Acute and Long-term Neuropathologic
Sequelae of Head Trauma”
Daniel P. Perl, MD

11:45 AM
“The Neuropathology of FTD and TBI”
Matthew Cykowski, MD

12:10 PM
Panel Discussion

12:30 PM


Module 3: Neuroimaging

Moderator: Paul Schulz MD

1:00 PM
Tau Imaging in FTD and CTE”
Joseph C. Masdeu, MD, PhD

1:25 PM TBD


Module 4: Neuroscience of FTD/CTE/TBI

Moderator: Paul Schulz MD

1:50 PM
“Animal Models Tauopathy Induced FTD”
Erik Roberson, MD, PhD

2:15 PM
“Genetic Analysis of TBI in Fruit Flies”
David Wassarman, PhD

2:40 PM
“Toxic Cascade Linking Pathogenic Tau and Neuronal Death”
Bess Frost, PhD

3:05 PM
Panel Discussion

3:15 PM


Module 5: Treatment of Tauopathies

Moderator: Paul Schulz MD 

3:30 PM
“Targeting Tau for Therapeutic Translation”
Adam Boxer, MD, PhD

4:00 PM
“Targeting Astrocytes to Treat the Acute and Long-term
Effects of TBI”
James Donald Lechleiter, PhD

4:30 PM
“Invivo Models of Tauopathy and Protein
Clearance Strategies”
Wai “Ho” H Yu, PhD

5:00 PM
Panel Discussion

5:15 PM
Closing Summary
Discussion of next steps, another meeting, position
paper, and/or collaborations

5:30 PM
Closing Remarks
“Personal Reflections”: Secretary Henry Cisneros

5:45 PM

Board Shuttle to Hotel

7:30 PM

Shuttle to Dinner Downtown San Antonio

10:00 PM
Board Shuttle to Hotel


Sunday, March 12, 2017


7:00 – 9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast Bolo’s on Lobby Level

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