Documentary Planning for Hope: Living with FTD

“Planning for Hope: Living with Frontotemporal Disease” is a documentary with unprecedented access inside of the mind and lives of patients coping with this terminal disease. Patients share their heart-wrenching stories of perpetual grief from the loss of skills, capabilities, their jobs, families, tremendous financial ruin and the suffering from the stigma that goes with dementia. Many have been told they only have a few years to live. The challenge is to shed light and bring awareness to the disease, to share optimism, and find a cure. We must listen to our own bodies, and then the physicians need to listen and believe us.  “Planning for Hope: Living with Frontotemporal Disease” was produced by Susan Grant and Cindy Dilks in association with FTLDA.

Scientific questions about the film:  Dr. John Trojanowski, University of Pennsylvania. Email


Planning for Hope from Jim Coyle on Vimeo.

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